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Hippodrome Mermaid NY 1907 Photo

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Click to view larger image of Hippodrome Mermaid NY 1907  Photo (Image1)
Click to view larger image of Hippodrome Mermaid NY 1907  Photo (Image2)
Click to view larger image of Hippodrome Mermaid NY 1907  Photo (Image3)
Click to view larger image of Hippodrome Mermaid NY 1907  Photo (Image4)
Click to view larger image of Hippodrome Mermaid NY 1907  Photo (Image5)
Click to view larger image of Hippodrome Mermaid NY 1907  Photo (Image6)
Click to view larger image of Hippodrome Mermaid NY 1907  Photo (Image7)
Click to view larger image of Hippodrome Mermaid NY 1907  Photo (Image8)
Hippodrome Mermaid NY 1907  Photo (Image1)
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Your Price: $ 175.00 On Hold & Show
Item Number: WS36
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Manufacturer: Hippodrome

New York land mark large albumen image of eight lovely show girls, the Mermaids. Measurng a bit more then ten by nine inches these timeless beauties gaze back from performance past with amazing eyes. Writing on photograph names each performer. It states: "Mermaids New York Hippodrome 1907 1 Marion Pardur, 2 Bernice Elsler, 3 Barge Clifton, 4 Hulli Dorsel, 5 Kitten Watkinson, 6 A. Passonl, 7 Miss Tarsen, 8 Juanita Dor". Photo in excellent condition except for torn edges.

Opening in 1905 on 6th Ave. it was one block from Time Square. Brain child of Dundy and Thompson using profits from Luna Park the 5200 seat Hippodrome brought theater to the masses.Thompson & Dundy had collected the greatest talents in choreography, costume and stage design, writers and composers from around the world for their gargantuan opening shows. The shows A Yankee Circus on Mars and A Society Circus were eclectic spectacles combining vaudeville, pantomime, circus and popular songs with technological novelties.

Electricity was used in every conceivable way in the Hippodrome, from the obvious to the inventive. The entire block-long facade was itself an electrical billboard, that "threw a fire and glare of electric illumination for miles." When approaching the theatre, "a tumult of sudden light hit you on the eyeballs ... you couldn't possibly pass it by unnoticed."14 The Hippodrome threw the spark that would forever light Times Square. The inside of the theatre was as much an unequalled lighting spectacle. The amount of current used by the Hippodrome's stage was more than the average electrical station could supply. Electricity also warmed the grease paint and curling irons for hundreds of chorus girls; wardrobes used electric irons to press costumes; carpenters heated their glue with electricity; chefs used electric ovens and dishwashers; the building itself was supplied with an electrified heating and cooling system, water pumps, telephones, hydraulic elevators and mechanical hoists, and numerous other electrical conveniences.15

In 1906, Thompson & Dundy lost their creation to their financial backers. Shocked by an unexpected decline in attendance during the Hippodrome's second season, the investors battled with the producers to raise ticket prices. Furthermore, the investors were concerned by Thompson's plans for an amusement park in Manhattan, which they viewed as a competitor of the Hippodrome. Thompson & Dundy joined the Theatre Syndicate that same year, and continued to produce theatre shows together, until Dundy's untimely death in 1907. In the latter half of the century, an office tower was placed on the site of the Hippodrome; only the name remains in silver-colored lettering on the modernist facade.

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We also accept Checks and Money Orders.


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